Ioan Ionita Asan I

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Ivan Asen I, also known as Asen I or John Asen I (Bulgarian: Иван Асен I; died in 1196), was emperor or tsar of Bulgaria from 1187/1188 to 1196 as co-ruler with his elder brother, Peter II. Hailing from the Byzantine theme of Paristrion, his exact place and date of birth are unknown. Most contemporaneous chronicles describe Asen and his brothers, Theodor (Peter) and Kaloyan, as Vlachs but they were probably of mixed Bulgarian, Cuman and Vlach ancestry.

Ioan Asan I (în bulgară Иван Асен I) sau Asan a condus Țaratul Vlaho-Bulgar între 1189 și 1196. Anul nașterii sale nu este cunoscut. De la numele său provine denumirea întregii dinastii a Asanizilor/Asăneștilor.

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